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Kudos to Boppy

By Lindsay Dahl, Deputy Director

Last week we had an enormously successful event in the National Stroller Brigade. We highlighted the power that concerned mothers are having in the marketplace demanding safer products and how they are turning that concern to the political process, pushing for reform.

We also highlighted the science showing that many chronic diseases have roots in early life exposure to toxic chemicals. In particular, we highlighted flame retardant chemicals and the campaign of deception that chemical manufacturers engaged in to promote them, as highlighted by the Chicago Tribune. 

Because a recent peer-reviewed study found that 80% of baby products, including nursing pillows, contained known toxic flame retardants, we used nursing pillows to get our message across. The message was that it is unacceptable that such an intimate product could be contaminated and consumers could have no way of knowing which ones were safe. Indeed, it is unacceptable.

But here is an irony, because the peer-reviewed study didn’t mention which brands had the chemicals and which didn’t, we made a point of not naming any particular brand at the press conference or in our materials. However, because the only pillows readily available were made by Boppy, we had Boppy products at the event.

We removed the packaging and made clear to participants that this wasn’t about any particular brand. But the Boppy folks recognized their products on TV and they were upset. They contacted us to tell us that in fact they meet the flammability standards WITHOUT the use of toxic flame retardants.

So, to correct the record, we want to make clear that Boppy is a success story. One of many firms around that country that- in the absence of a functioning federal chemical regulation- are doing what they can to avoid toxic chemicals while pursuing excellence in their product. We also ask you to spread the word, and if you can, take a moment to thank Boppy directly for not using toxic flame retardants.