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Let’s Jump Off The Toxic Treadmill

One of the most frustrating things we see when we are investigating the use of harmful chemicals in everyday consumer products is a disturbing trend we call the Toxic Treadmill.

When Washington state banned toxic PBDE flame retardants in 2007, many companies switched to cancer-causing Tris flame retardants instead of using safer methods. Now that we have demonstrated the problems with Tris, some companies have pledged to stop using it in their products. However, what’s to stop them from choosing another cancer-causing chemical or something even worse?

For example, Graco, the manufacturer of car seats and other kids products, proclaimed last year they would stop using cancer-causing Tris in their products. Yet they disclosed to Washington state that they are using another harmful chemical flame retardant called TBBPA.

This practice frustrates consumers, infuriates us, and dodges chemical regulation. There is a better way!

We want to share this amazing song and video: “Let’s Jump Off The Toxic Treadmill” by singer/songwriter Elizabeth Hummel and videographer/animator Brian Castillo.

We hope you will help us spread the word and join us in getting Washington state and the nation to jump off the toxic treadmill!