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New non-profit site Because Health full of actionable tips for non-toxic living

I have a 2-year old daughter named Delphine. When I was pregnant with her, like many moms-to-be, I wanted to make sure that I was doing everything I could in a “natural” and “non-toxic” way. A couple of google searches later, and I was overwhelmed. I wanted a site that was easy to read, positive, and with real science-based suggestions and recommendations for what to do without actively trying to sell me anything. Most of all, I wanted to be assured that the effort would make a difference health-wise for my baby and me.

I’m not a medical doctor or a toxicologist, but I have a PhD in applied economics, and it turns out that the training and skills I have in statistics and research design are pretty useful in evaluating the quality of all sorts of scientific information. So, I decided to find out the answers on my own so that I could start to make informed decisions. After doing research and gathering answers, I realized how much information was out there. Sometimes it was overwhelming, but at other times, I felt like I had learned so many things that I could easily work into my routines. It spurred me to want to do more, share this information, and advocate for the health of myself and my growing family. That’s when I joined forces with the Collaborative on Health and the Environment (CHE), a nationally recognized environmental health non-profit with 16 years of scientific knowledge and a rich community of experts in the field and developed the idea to launch Because Health.

Because Health websiteBecause Health is basically the website that I wish I had back then. It’s an environmental health lifestyle site that offers educational content and information through a combination of science-based articles, tips, product recommendations, and expert advice. As a working mom, I know it’s impossible to research and look up everything, DIY it all, and determine what’s scientifically reliable. So, we have made Because Health a go-to resource for real people who want to make informed choices and advocate for their health. All of our content is carefully edited to appeal to a general millennial audience with bite-sized pieces of information, in order to draw new people into the environmental health conversation. We are firmly rooted in environmental health science but at the same time are appealing to people who care about general wellness and health.

Because Health isn’t just a site that I wish was around when I was first pregnant, but one that I wish I had in my 20s. There are so many topics like microwaving frozen meals, throwing parties, and getting into a serious relationship that could have been a great way to start building environmental health awareness, practicing healthier routines, and making safer choices.

A popular feature of Because Health is our safe product roundups for consumer goods like cleaning products, personal care products, and many other items like baby bottles, modern flame retardants free couches, outdoor dining dishes, and food storage containers. We cross-check products in databases such as EWG, Think Dirty, Made Safe, and Good Guide for product ingredient safety. Additionally, we read product reviews so that the products we recommend do what they are supposed to do, and make sure the products are widely available at major retail outlets.

I encourage you to check out Because Health and let us know what you think. Two of our most popular articles, about how to throw a party with less plastic and tips for a non-toxic bbq are perfect summer articles to share with friends and family. We encourage you to follow our Instagram account and share it with your friends. It’s a great way to keep up with our work as we are constantly developing new content and updating our site.

With a focus on making scientific based evidence approachable and actionable, Because Health is making environmental health more accessible. We hope to inspire the next generation of environmental health activists and drive bigger change in the products and policies that impact our daily lives.