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We Are Now Toxic-Free Future!

toxic-free future logo

We are excited to announce that after 35 years, Washington Toxics Coalition is changing its name to Toxic-Free Future!

Through a rigorous process working with our board and staff, we decided on Toxic-Free Future because it communicates our hopeful vision for how the world should be for our families and environment. It’s an ambitious vision – but we are up to the task.

We’ll continue to use original science and tireless advocacy, to get results and win strong health protections for people and the environment, both locally and nationally.

Our organization is built around one simple belief: We all deserve a toxic-free future. And to get there we need bold action, stronger laws, responsible companies, and robust consumer and voter demand for healthier products.

If you agree, make sure you’re on our mailing list so that you can stay up to date with the latest news on efforts to create a toxic-free future, as well as new research and tips that can help you protect your family from toxic chemicals right now.

Here’s to another 35 years of protecting health and the environment from toxic chemicals and to a Toxic-Free Future!