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Reducing Lead in Homes

Lead can be found in paint, water, soil, dust, and other materials.  Exposure to lead can cause lifelong effects in children, including brain damage and developmental delays.  The good news is that we can help prevent lead poisoning with early detection of lead in homes.  

Toxic-Free Future is partnering with Healthy Babies Bright Futures to work with families in the greater Seattle area to look at children’s exposures to lead in the home and surrounding environment.  We aim to identify lead sources in children’s homes and where they play. Often, lead sources are only found after a child has already been lead poisoned.  However, we want to work with families and community groups to look for lead and reduce exposures in homes before children become lead poisoned.

Here’s how our program will help families protect children from lead:

  • Download an app on your smartphone (we can provide online or paper resources if you do not have a smartphone).
  • Complete a survey about lead risks in your home and where your children play.
  • Collect samples of water, soil, and dust so you can know if they contain lead.
  • If your samples show there is lead in your home, the program will provide you with no cost or low cost ideas for limiting your children’s exposure to lead.

Interested in having free lead testing? To see if you and your family qualify for free lead testing, please take our survey available here.