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The time is ripe for change

This fall, we have an opportunity to overhaul our nation’s toxics policy. The mountains of scientific research can no longer be ignored. The millions of frustrated Americans can no longer be pacified. And, in a game-changing announcement, the Obama administration has demonstrated it will no longer accept the status quo:

“….over the years, not only has TSCA fallen behind the industry it’s supposed to regulate — it’s been proven an inadequate tool for providing the protection against chemical risks that the public rightfully expects.” — Lisa Jackson, EPA Administrator

Decision makers are listening

Why is it that, after decades of inaction, our decision makers are suddenly emboldened to take action? New scientific evidence is only part of the story. More significant is the fact that people like you have realized that getting informed and shopping smart are not near enough to keep you safe from toxic chemicals – the problem is much bigger than that. And now millions of you are getting organized and demanding change. In the coming days, it will be up to people like you to give decision makers the courage they need to hold strong through well-funded, fierce opposition from the chemical industry and the members of Congress beholden to them.

“America’s system for regulating toxic chemicals is broken.”

—Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ)

It’s time to take targeted action

Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) and Representative Bobby Rush (D-IL) are expected to introduce new legislation any day. Here’s what you can do to influence the policy debate and ensure Congress provides science-based, common sense limits on toxic chemicals.

  1. Email congress today, to tell them you expect serious reform on TSCA.
    Policy change is all about numbers—your elected representatives really do count how many people from their districts speak out on a given issue, and those numbers influences their vote. We can’t outspend the chemical industry, but we can overcome their influence with overwhelming numbers of outspoken voters.
  2. Become a fan of our Facebook page and use it as a platform to speak out, recruit friends to the cause, and share information.
  3. Tell your story on our website. Your personal, heartfelt words are the most effective tool we have.
  4. Stay in the loop. Check back here and we will keep you updated on the latest proposals before Congress and actions to take, point you to the best resources for limiting your exposure to toxic chemicals, and connect you to local groups working on this important cause.

Working together, we can usher in a new era of safer chemicals and healthier families.