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Toddlers, Toxic Flame Retardants & Poop – Yes, Poop

Just as many parents have long mused, Swedish researchers have confirmed that the sludge toddlers expel into their diapers IS, in fact, full of toxic waste.

We wish this was something from “The Onion”, but unfortunately it is real science, which should cause parents and lawmakers real concerns.

In the interest of science and finding a less invasive way to check young children’s exposure to toxics, these brave scientists have emptied toddlers’ diapers and tested their poop for toxic flame retardants.

For many of these chemicals, this study is a first. The researchers found not only the well-known neurotoxic PBDEs, but some of their harmful replacements as well, confirming that young children are exposed to these chemicals that may harm the nervous system and disrupt hormones.

So what do these smelly new findings mean? Well, they uncover an interesting (and yes, gross) new way to detect flame retardants in our bodies. The authors were able to show that the levels of flame retardants detected in feces correlate to levels in blood, which is much harder for researchers to obtain.

While this is great fodder for some potty humor, it is also quite concerning, because young children’s developing bodies are highly sensitive to toxic chemicals, and the latest study is yet another reminder that even the smallest of us are exposed to these harmful chemicals every day in our homes.

This makes us really mad. Mad that despite all the evidence these chemicals are harmful, the chemical industry and manufacturers are still allowed to use them in everyday products.

Enough already, policymakers. Let’s ban these chemicals. You know that saying about getting off the pot? Well, it’s about that time.

More Information

The study can be found here and it requires you to pay.