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Volunteer spotlight: Gabe Andres

Gabe Andres came to Toxic-Free Future in the fall of 2019 as a placement for the Field Studies class he was completing at the University of Washington Bothell. We recruited Gabe to help pull together the information we obtained from participants in our breastmilk study. He did the initial work so fast that he was able to really dig in and help us with the data analysis on the project, all while learning a new statistical program from scratch! Gabe continued with us in independent study and as a volunteer long after his initial placement was over, and we are so grateful for all of his hard work.

Gabe graduated in June 2020 and recently sent us this update:

“As a Clinical Research Assistant, I work alongside research coordinators, doctors, regulatory bodies, and research sponsors in recruiting and conducting cancer research at Virginia Mason. In research, the list of responsibilities are non-exhaustive but include taking vitals, pharmacokinetics, bio-banking, consenting patients, and checking in with patients along their treatment journey and beyond. Becoming a Clinical Research Assistant not only exposes me to the intricacies of research, but it provides me more opportunities to make a positive impact on cancer patients and solutions in the future.”