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Voters Want Candidates Who Support Safer Chemicals

The end is in sight! In just two short months the election season will be over. The yard signs will be taken down, campaign ads enshrined in history on YouTube, and your mailbox no longer stuffed full of candidate mailings.  But before that idyllic time is upon us, candidates will be asking for your vote on November 8th. You’ll need to decide what issues will factor into your decision.

Do you know where your candidates stand on toxics issues?  If elected, would they support laws like the Toxic-Free Kids and Families Act that bans harmful toxic flame retardants in certain consumer products?  Would they support expanding our state’s consumer-right-to-know law so that consumers and policymakers have better information about toxic chemicals in consumer products? 

If you don’t know the answer, the only way to find out is to ask ‘em! Candidates are more than happy to talk to voters about issues and want to know more about the issues that matter in their districts. 

To help educate candidates, we’ve put together a guide for anyone running for or already in office, that explains why toxics issues are critical for kids’ health, our own health, and the health of the environment.  You can download the guide here to share with your candidates.

The guide outlines the problem of toxic chemicals and provides a plan for candidates to follow. It also contains polling information on the issue. For example, polls show that regardless of party affiliation, the vast majority of voters support safer chemicals.

We’re in the home stretch of election season and there’s still time to make sure the candidates know protecting our families and environment from toxic chemicals is critical for a toxic-free future. Please share the guide with candidates and electeds to make sure they know these issues are important to you! 

Download the guide here.