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What We’ve Learned About My Brest Friend

After our recent study, Hidden Hazards In The Nursery, was released, we had many people contact us about one item in particular- the My Brest Friend nursing pillow. The My Brest Friend website stated that they did not use fire retardants in their foam, but the pillow we tested contained two flame retardants, TDCPP and TCPP. We are confident that our results are accurate.

We have been in contact with the manufacturer of the My Brest Friend pillow, and it appears that the company has recently changed its manufacturing practices and stopped using the flame retardants we detected. The company has stated that the pillows currently in production are free of these compounds and are now labeled as not meeting the California Technical Bulletin 117 flammability standard (TB117). Additional testing by Duke University of pillows labeled specifically as not meeting the standard has confirmed that they do not contain detectable levels of flame retardants. Under current law, nursing pillows are EXEMPT from having to meet the TB117 standard.

As of early March 2012, both the older pillows labeled as meeting the standard, and newer pillows labeled as not meeting the standard are available for purchase at major retailers.