Children are especially vulnerable to toxic chemicals because their bodies are still developing. Chemical exposures can come from a variety of products including toys, personal care products, furniture, and clothes.

It can be daunting trying to figure out how to minimize kids’ chemical exposures in your home, daycare, and school – but it shouldn’t be. There are many practical, cost-effective steps you can take to minimize chemical exposures they will face as you give them their start in life. Explore the resources below to help you learn how you can protect your children (and yourself) from toxic chemicals at home and at school.

Nursery and Playrooms

Toys and Clothing

Arts and Crafts Supplies

Healthy Schools and Daycares

You work hard to keep your kids healthy at home. But what happens when your kids go to school or daycare? Here are some tips to make sure time away from home is healthy too.


Since 2001, the state of Washington has had a law that established your right to know about the pesticides used in public schools and day care facilities.


Each year in the United States millions of children will be treated for head lice (pediculosis), often with pesticidal shampoo.


Holiday fun shouldn’t carry the risk of exposure to dangerous chemicals. Keep your family safe throughout the year—even on those special days.