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Don’t let reports of toxic chemicals in face paint and costumes frighten away your fun on Halloween. Follow these easy tips to make sure the only thing scaring you and your kids are ghosts and goblins!
Families with college-age kids are checking off their Dorm Essentials lists and packing up the car for that iconic family event – College Move-In Day. Here are some tips to reduce your college student’s exposure to toxic chemicals in their new digs and making a healthy college dorm room for them.
A recent report that some crayons contain cancer-causing asbestos is a good reminder that not all art supplies are healthy choices for kids. But by following a few simple tips and choosing art supplies carefully, it’s easy to keep your kids’ artistic endeavors healthy and fun!
Choosing safer school supplies is as easy as 1-2-3! First, reuse what you can from last year. Next, read on for healthier alternatives. Last, work with your school to develop safer options for next year, especially for items such as markers that require collaboration with the school.
With warming soil temperatures and last frost, the month of May shouts garden time! Children can be helpful garden companions and there is much in the garden to delight them and you.
Finally the sun is shining in our Pacific Northwest, tempting us outside to soak in its warmth.  Before running outdoors you apply a little sunscreen with a high SPF to protect from sunburn and skin cancer.  You’re good to go, right?  Read on.
This past school year, while my kids were learning, several parents and teachers also learned a lesson about healthy classrooms and clean air.  At my kid’s elementary school, many teachers endeavor to save paper and efficiently teach a lesson via personal white board/slates and dry-erase markers. So, daily, in up to 15 classrooms, 24 or more students each open up a dry-erase marker, for 10 to 30 minutes, to complete a lesson on their own slate.
painting home remodel
Revving up for a home remodel? Build a better home while protecting your family’s health by choosing less-toxic building materials and taking extra care during construction. Follow these tips for safer remodeling from start to finish.
Getting ready to create a special space for your little ones to play? The Everyday SUPERHERO can tell you which paints, flooring, and furniture will ensure hours of happy and healthy playtime!
We all want to nurture our budding student artists and keep them safe at the same time. The Everyday Superhero can help you  set-up a fun, safe, and toxic-free art studio that will ensure your little Van Goghs, O’Keefes, and Rembrandts can reach their full creative potential.