The Issue

Toxic flame retardants in furniture, phthalates in personal care products, and cadmium in jewelry are just a few examples of toxic chemicals found in products we bring into our homes. These chemicals are allowed in these products because state and federal laws are not strong enough to keep toxic chemicals out of products and off the market. This lack of regulation means consumers may unknowingly expose their families to products containing harmful chemicals.

While we need stronger laws to make sure harmful chemicals aren’t allowed on the market, it’s also up to retailers and product manufacturers to do their part. It’s not too much to expect retailers to ensure the safety of the products they sell and give consumers peace of mind.

That’s why we’re part of the national Mind the Store Campaign. This campaign’s goal is to convince retailers to stop selling products containing chemicals known to be harmful to our health and the environment.

While some major retailers have taken steps to address some harmful chemicals, such as toxic flame retardants and BPA, most retailers have not put their significant purchasing power to work in changing the manufacturing policies of their suppliers.

The Solution

The only way to guarantee safer products in our homes and for our kids is for companies to stop using harmful chemicals. In addition to stronger laws, we need:

  • Retailers to adopt a pledge to stop making and selling products containing chemicals that harm health and the environment.
  • Consumers to hold companies and policymakers accountable and demand safer products in stores.

Northwest retailers, like Fred Meyer and Costco, should lead by example by adopting policies that will phase out toxic chemicals, including toxic flame retardants, phthalates, and BPA, from their products.

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