In an effort to put an end to a summer of bad publicity, the makers of toxic flame retardants recently announced that they have severed ties with the now infamous front group of their own creation, Citizens For Fire Safety.  But even though they’ve abandoned their front group, don’t be fooled! This latest move is nothing more than putting lipstick on a pig. Continue reading 

The CPSC “We did not find flame retardants in foam to provide any significant protection [from fire]”

On Saturday, while sitting at my computer waiting to take my son to baseball practice, I was stunned to read that the main “expert” who opposed our Toxic-Free Kids Act had actually fabricated stories about burn victims in testimony to elected officials in other states—and been caught in the act by the Chicago Tribune. I am used to seeing the powerful chemical industry spend millions of dollars to protect widespread use of their chemical products, but the use of outright deceit marks a new low in their practices. Continue reading 

No one said the road to protecting children from toxic chemicals would be easy. It’s a fight worth fighting for, but it’s a fight nonetheless.  We came face to face with what our opposition was capable of, in the form of a “front group” known as Citizens For Fire Safety (CFFS). This group will stop at nothing to defeat the Toxic-Free Kids Act as their latest tactic shows. Continue reading 

Front Group: An organization that purports to be independent voluntary association or charitable organization, but actually serves the interest of the sponsoring party whose identity is often hidden. Certain front groups are seemingly grassroots-based coalitions that are actually funded by an industry trade association or public relations firm. Continue reading