Top Tips for Avoiding toxic flame retardants

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission is warning consumers, especially pregnant women and young children, to avoid kids’ products, electronics, mattresses, and home furniture that contain certain toxic flame retardants, known as organohalogens. Continue reading 

The following blog post was written by Rachel Koller, a long-time WTC TFF volunteer, on her experiences while shopping for a new mattress for her daughter.  

When my daughter turned 3 we knew it was time to get her into a twin bed.  This was a challenge not because we worried about her wandering around in the middle of the night without the confines of a crib, but because it involved buying a new mattress, and we are picky consumers.  We have “lofty” goals when buying furniture: avoid chemical flame retardants, and protect indoor air quality.  We also believe that a mattress should be comfortable, durable, and affordable.  Would this be too much to ask? Continue reading 

Lotion, acne wash, cologne, deodorant… young people lather and primp daily with lots of personal care products, resulting in exposure to many combinations of untested and potentially harmful chemicals. Help guide tweens and teens toward safer cosmetics and bodycare with these tips.

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