OLYMPIA, Wash. – The push is on again to pull a plastics additive from Washington State store shelves.

Environmental and health groups led by the Washington Toxics Coalition testified before a Senate committee Monday on what they say is the need to ban Bisphenol A, a common enhancer of plastic products, from baby bottles, sippy cups and other children’s products.

WSU School of Molecular Biosciences Researcher Dr. Patricia Hunt testified that study after study has linked BPA to developmental and reproductive problems in children and to cancer and other problems in adults.

Industry groups were also well represented in Monday’s hearing. Representatives of the American Chemistry Association and other organizations told the Senators BPA has been safely added to products for the last 50 years and without it, products wouldn’t be as affordable or durable.

A very similar effort to impose a ban failed late in the legislative session.

If the ban passes, Washington will join Minnesota and Connecticut in banning BPA from baby and children’s products sold in those states.

Some Senators at Monday’s hearing suggested the legislature wait until further studies are conducted by the Federal Food and Drug and Environmental Protection Agencies.

At least six large baby bottle manufacturers have already agreed to stop shipping products made with BPA and some major retailers, including Walmart, have decided to stop selling baby products containing it.

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