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Calling All Costco Members Who Support Safer Products

“Oh no, not Costco!” That’s what tens of thousands of consumers are saying about the company’s failure to announce a public policy to reduce toxic chemicals in products sold in their stores. As a result, it’s time for us to take this campaign to the next level to convince Costco to “mind the store” and announce a safe chemicals policy, and we need Costco members to help!

As you may recall, in a recent report evaluating some of the largest retailers on their efforts to reduce the use of harmful chemicals in products sold in their stores, Washington state-based company, Costco, received the lowest letter grade “F”. In comparison, Target and Wal-Mart both received “B’s”.

Target serves as an example of the kind of action we would like to see from Costco. In 2013, Target developed a “Sustainable Product Index”. Since the publishing of this blog, Target has discontinued the Sustainable Product Index and replaced it with an even more comprehensive safer chemicals policy. You can learn more about Target’s policy and goals to phase out toxic chemicals here.

Last month, at Costco’s annual shareholder meeting we, along with our partners at the Mind the Store campaign, delivered Costco petitions signed by over 38,000 people across the country asking them to take action and develop a public safe chemicals policy. Over a month has passed and Costco still has not announced a policy or an intent to do so.

That’s why we need Costco members to take action. We’re asking Costco members to submit comments to Costco voicing concerns about Costco’s continued failure to announce a public safe chemicals policy.

Update: Since the Mind the Store retailer report card was published, Costco recently updated its website describing the development and implementation of a Costco Restricted Chemical List (RSL) and Smart Screening Program for toxic chemicals.  This is a step in the right direction, but not enough to meet rising consumer demand for transparency and safer products. Costco’s customers want to see a concrete commitment from the company to reduce toxic chemicals in products it sells. We hope Costco will take the next step by announcing a robust safer chemicals policy with clear benchmarks and timeframes to reduce and eliminate toxic chemicals in products they sell.

There are 3 easy ways you can help out:

  1. Go to the store and fill out a comment card.
    Next time you are at Costco, fill out a comment card voicing your concerns. Costco comment cards may be available in stores near the customer service desk, or you can print off our card, fill it out at home, and drop it off at a nearby Costco. *comment card is no longer live*
  2. Make an electronic comment.
    Take action online and submit a digital comment to Costco.
  3. Call the customer line.
    Dial the customer support line and express your concerns with a Costco customer service agent: 1-800-774-2678

Here are some ideas for what to say:

“I’m a member and I want to know that Costco is taking steps to ensure products don’t contain harmful toxic chemicals. Please tell management to publicly adopt a safer chemicals policy like Target’s or Walmart’s, with clear public timelines and benchmarks.”

“I’m a member and I can’t believe Costco is behind Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Target when it comes to having a public policy reducing toxic chemicals. Responsible companies are key to transforming the marketplace away from harmful chemicals. Please adopt a public safer chemicals policy like Target’s or Walmart’s that includes clear public timelines and benchmarks.”

It’s that easy!

Let us know how you contacted Costco through a quick survey.

Want to make an even bigger impact? Invite your friends to participate in the campaign by using this simple tool.