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We Can Win – With Your Help!

People often ask me and my staff why we do what we do. That’s easy to answer. I strongly believe that it’s unacceptable that chemical companies can put chemicals into the world without making sure the chemicals won’t harm our health. I also know we can do something about it.

At Toxic-Free Future, we’re tackling toxic chemicals and winning strong health protections for your kids, families, and communities. Join us today by making your year end gift.

WATCH how we are winning!

Please donate today so we can keep winning locally, across Washington, and beyond state-by-state!

Join us in the fight to make a Toxic-Free Future by making a year-end gift.

Thank you!

Laurie Valeriano Executive Director

P.S. You can make your year-end gift of $50, $25, or $10 here!