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Chemical Industry Challenged to Repudiate Unethical Members

American Chemistry Council Challenged to Repudiate Unethical Members;

Letter to Cal Dooley Asks for Expulsion of Companies Implicated in Chicago Tribune Investigation

“Responsible Care” Code Is Supposedly Mandatory for ACC Members

Washington, DC – Today Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families called on ACC President Cal Dooley to expel three flame retardant manufacturers whose deeply unethical practices were the subject of a four-part Chicago Tribune investigative series, Playing With Fire.

The series documented practices reminiscent of the tobacco industry that three companies, Albemarle, Chemtura, and ICL Industries engaged in for years. The revelations included: deliberately misrepresenting the science around flame retardant chemicals relating to both their utility and their health risks; employing an expert witness who repeatedly invoked a phony story of a child dying in a fire to justify flame retardant mandates; and creating a front group to counter the opposition to their products among firefighters and health organizations.

The letter to ACC President Cal Dooley from Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families director Andy Igrejas (ee-gray-jus) cited the ACC’s longstanding Responsible Care program, a trademarked code of conduct for the industry. The ACC claims that adherence to the code of conduct is mandatory for ACC members. Each of the companies identified in the story are members of ACC and until recently Albemarle’s CEO chaired a board level committee that oversaw chemical safety programs for the ACC.

Explaining why the letter was sent, Igrejas said “This is a critical moment for the American Chemistry Council.  It cannot duck this story and maintain any credibility. Responsible Care has been central to the chemical industry’s public relations and lobbying efforts for years. If the deeply unethical behavior documented in the Tribune series is considered acceptable under Responsible Care then it is meaningless as a code of conduct. If companies can violate Responsible Care with impunity, than it is also meaningless. Dow, Dupont, and the rest of the industry have to declare themselves.”

The letter to the ACC is here. It was sent via messenger this morning.

The Chicago Tribune Series can be found here.

The ACC Responsible Care code can be found here.

A list of SCHF members can be found here.