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Get it? Got it. Good!

Lindsay Dahl I have one of the best jobs anyone could ask for. I talk to people from all over the nation about how we can work together to change the status quo. (Little did I know that all those hours talking on the phone as a teenager were really prepping me for my career later in life.)

Over the past two years, my job has become increasingly easy. People are really starting to get it. Remember when we all learned about lead in toys? People were incredulous – how could this happen in America? Most assumed that this was a single case, and China was to blame. Now that people understand that BPA is in their baby bottles, PCBs still contaminate school grounds, their patience is waning.

Moms, dads, nurses, and people like you are ready to demand change. Our growing numbers reflect rising frustration:

  • Our more than one hundred coalition members represent a diverse set of state and federal groups.
  • When the Environmental Defense Fund reached out to their members in October, more than 22,000 individuals sent letters to Congress demanding toxic chemical reform in just four days.
  • We’re on the ground in 27 states, engaging our grassroots to get support from Congress.
  • More than 10,000 people have joined the Million Baby Crawl, which launched in October.
  • Two hundred concerned moms participated in a virtual Girls Night Out Twitter party focused on toxic chemical reform.

Another sign of our strength? The diversity and size of our coalition. The Learning Disabilities Association of America, the Planned Parenthood Federation, and the National Resource Defense Council have diverse goals, but they all share a conviction that something needs to be done about toxic chemicals, immediately. They get it. These groups are powerful on their own. Together, they create a roar that Congress can’t ignore.

We are expecting Congress to introduce a bill soon. Chemical industry groups are going to spend massive amounts of money to scare legislators, confuse the public and oppose meaningful change. Here’s what you can do to make sure we get real reform:

  1. Email your member of Congress now, and stay tuned for additional action alerts after the bill is announced.
  2. Join the Million Baby Crawl – your virtual crawler serves as a signature on a petition that will arrive in Washington on January 1st. Keep an eye out for Crawl-related events in your area on November 18.
  3. Speak out in your own words in our Tell Your Story blog page. We’re waiting to hear from you.
  4. Become a Fan of our Facebook page, and invite your friends and family to do likewise.
  5. Follow us on Twitter.

If we’re going to help Congress get it, we will need massive quantities of informed, fed up, and vocal, voters like you. Thank you for taking action and getting involved in this exciting movement, we can’t do it without you.

Deputy Campaign Director