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Making non-toxic lip gloss is easy, but we need your help with the rest!

By Susie Frank. Mother, writer, consultant to the SCHF coalition

Most of the time, attempting to protect my child from chemicals that could alter her hormones, blunt her ability to learn, and make her susceptible to cancer is a big fat drag. And then, sometimes, it’s pretty fun! My daughter Hazel has kindly agreed to demonstrate just how fun and simple it is to make lip gloss at home using easy-to-find natural ingredients. Turns out you don’t need phthalates, lead, or any other toxic chemicals to produce a great tub of gloss.

If only there was a way to use beeswax, almond oil, and a touch of lemon extract to make everything else Hazel comes into contact with. The reality is, my daughter lives in a world where jumpy castles and juice boxes are riddled with lead, friendship bracelets are crafted with cadmium, and the family couch is stuffed with formaldehyde. All of these chemicals have been linked to serious health problems; yet they continue to proliferate. No amount of DIY savvy can counteract the fact that, before she was even born, Hazel was likely exposed to about 300 industrial chemicals.

Secrets to non-toxic lip gloss revealed! What’s a girl to do? Hazel’s too young to vote, but the rest of us can do plenty. Right now Congress is considering two pieces of legislation that will take a big burden off American parents: the new bills require chemical and cosmetics manufacturers to show that their products are safe before they end up in things like lip gloss. To stand strong in the face of chemical industry lobbyists, Congress needs to hear from everyone who is fed up with the toxic status quo. Follow these simple instructions for contacting your member of Congress about updating our failing law, the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976. And visit our allies at the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics to learn more about the Safe Cosmetics Act of 2010. You will be doing your part to improve our kids’ health and restore a bit of ‘gloss’ to American-made products.