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Moms in Motion for Safer Chemicals

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It was a beautiful, summer day in Pittsburgh, PA, but instead of heading to the pool or the library; Kelly Day took her son Thurston to a local park to rally for toxic chemical reform. Kelly and hundreds of moms and kids participated in stroller brigade events organized by Safer States and Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families in collaboration with coalition partners in 17 states across the country.

The stroller brigades were part of a coalition wide National Day of Action that took place on August, 10th, 2011. The goal of the Stroller Brigades was to give families a fun way to take action and encourage their Members of Congress to be superheroes for safer chemicals by co-sponsoring the Safe Chemicals Act of 2011.

Most stroller brigade events started in local parks with kids and moms alike dressed up in superhero capes. The events included speakers, letter writing and sign making to create a fun atmosphere while showing serious support for safer chemical legislation reform. Participants then “strolled” with their signs and letters to the local Senator’s office to meet with staff about the importance of protecting American families from toxic chemicals.

The stroller brigade actions were a true inspiration and example of how families can take action to create real change. It was so powerful to have hundreds of moms and kids in motion to protect their families from toxic chemicals! Dressed in red capes and carrying handmade signs, these superheroes were leading the way to a safer future for us all!

Dressed in red capes and carrying handmade signs, these superheroes were leading the way to a safer future for us all!

Local media and Senators definitely took notice of the Stroller Brigades. The events drew important press coverage, like this TV coverage of a NY mom: as well as coverage in many local newspapers. The voices of moms and kids calling for safe chemical reform were heard across the country on Aug 10th.

Here’s a sampling of the events held in 17 states around the country:

New York – Moms in New York City gathered at Greenacre Park to thank Senator Kirsten Gillibrand for sponsoring the Safe Chemicals Act and to bring attention to the need for chemical reform. Mom and activist, Mary Brune wrote a post for our blog that was also published in the Huffington Post.

Boston – Over 25 moms and kids gathered in Boston’s City Hall Plaza and then strolled to the downtown Boston offices of Senator Kerry and Senator Brown. Brown’s staff took photos of the superheroes to use in their monthly e-newsletter!

Maine– Folks in Maine gathered in downtown Portland and participated in a lively skit of super heroes and super villains, which ended with a call for Senators Snowe and Collins to co-sponsor the Safe Chemicals Act.

Montana – A group of 17 people turned out in Caras Park in Missoula to handwrite letters to Senator Baucus. The group, organized by coalition partner Women’s Voices for the Earth, then strolled to the Senator’s office to deliver the letters and toxic toys.

Delaware – A slew of kids in capes gathered outside Senator Carper’s office in Wilmington. They met with the Senator’s staff and presented a handmade cape with the shape of Delaware on it!

Digital Stroller Brigade – Not everyone could make it out in person for a stroller brigades, so coalition partners hosted creative opportunities for people to participate online. Mom’s Rising had a craft blog-a-thon with posts about how to make capes, hundreds of people joined the “Non Toxic Living” conversation on Facebook, and the #strollerbrigade hashtag got plenty of use as people shared their stories on Twitter.

Check out some photos from the events!

Speaking of moms in motion, we also had an incredible turnout for our recent National Call In Day for Safe Chemicals. Thanks to all of you who helped to make hundreds of phone calls to Senators around the country and for asking them to put common sense limits on toxic chemicals.

Would you like to be a superhero for safer chemicals? Join our campaign and ask your Senator to co-sponsor. the Safe Chemicals Act today!