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New webinar recording: Are your favorite retailers tackling toxics?

Last week we held a webinar to share the highlights from our fifth annual Who’s Minding the Store? retailer report card. We just posted a recording of the webinar and slides for people that are interested but may have missed it.

You can watch this webinar to learn about:

  • The most notable chemical management improvements made by top retailers over the last year;
  • How retailers are addressing classes of chemicals like PFAS, beauty products marketed primarily to women of color, and toxic plastics;
  • Trends in safer chemicals management among top retailers;
  • Steps retailers are taking to avoid regrettable substitution; and
  • Policy recommendations on how companies can improve in the year ahead

Grab some popcorn and watch the webinar on YouTube.

You can also download slides from our presentation in PDF.

If you want a quick snapshot instead, check out this new column we published in Sustainable Brands, highlighting six key takeaways from this year’s analysis.

In the months and year ahead, we look forward to seeing how retailers address our recommendations to phase out and ban harmful chemicals like PFAS. We especially hope the dozen retailers in the Toxic Hall of Shame finally step up and “mind the store” before our sixth annual retailer report card.