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Best Buy has announced a major new commitment to safer products: all newly designed models of Best Buy’s Exclusive Brand televisions (such as Insignia) will no longer contain toxic organohalogen flame retardants (OFRs) in the display enclosures and stands, starting this year.
Over the last two months, nearly 60,000 REI members and customers have signed petitions and sent emails to REI CEO Eric Artz and the company’s Board of Directors calling for it to “opt out” of PFAS.
They’re in a lot of stuff, from firefighting foam to rain gear, but PFAS in your makeup? Yuck. Thankfully a new bill, introduced in the Washington state Senate, takes aim at toxic chemicals in cosmetics and personal care products.  

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During Polly’s travels, she has urged Burger King to join McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and other major retailers in banning PFAS from its food packaging. And she’s been urging Congress to ban PFAS from all U.S. food packaging.
Today a group of more than 100 local, state, and national organizations sent a letter to REI’s CEO Eric Artz calling on the company to lead the outdoor apparel industry in a bold transition away from the entire class of toxic PFAS “forever chemicals.”
Today, Safer Chemicals Healthy Families joined with 35 local, state, and national groups in sending a letter to the White House calling on the president to fulfill his campaign commitment to tackle PFAS by “prioritizing substitutes through procurement.”

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