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Real TSCA reform: Will you know it when you see it?

Real TSCA ReformTomorrow, Congress is expected to introduce a new law to update our nation’s
outdated toxic chemical policy. Do you have the context you
need to decide if they have done enough?

Below you can find fact sheets and blogs describing the current law, the
Toxic Substances Act of 1976, and why it needs to be updated. Send this information to your friends and family, so we
can educate and motivate as many people as possible to write to Congress
with feedback on the new bill. Stay tuned—we will let you know as soon
as we know when the bill arrives, and what our coalition members think of
it. We will be asking you to write to Congress with your reaction to the new bill.

Fact sheets:

What is TSCA?

What should reform look like? Public health advocates VS the chemical industry


Three things the chemical industry needs to do to keep us safe from toxic products

Toxic chemicals: neglected threats to health and reproduction

Why persistence matters: the case for restricting PBTs

When it comes to chemicals, ‘safe until proven harmful’ isn’t good enough for my baby and me.

Our campaign platform

Learn more about the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families coalition