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Senate chemical bill draws fresh concerns from states

With rumors swirling that the Senate could call a vote very soon on S.697, the Vitter-Udall chemical bill, four governors are raising fresh concerns about the bill, even as they encourage Congress to pass reform.

They wrote to Senate leaders today expressing “significant continued concern with a number of elements” of  the bill that’s intended to update the nation’s chemical safety policy.  It expresses particular concern about sections that would limit the ability of states to rein in toxic chemicals: preemption, grandfathering of statutes, and getting federal waivers. Previously, the National Conference of State Legislatures, the National Governors Association and nine state AGs have been on record with concerns about S.697.

With so much concern from so many quarters, one has to wonder why the bill hasn’t been fixed to address these serious flaws. Help us get the message across to your senators, click here to send them an email now!