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The perfect gift for mothers

Yesterday was Mother’s Day.

All across the US, mothers were treated to breakfasts, gifts, outings, and a potpourri of goodies- I hope so! I’m sure Sunday was a real treat. But this year, let’s honor mothers in a way that endures beyond one Sunday in May.

Our movement is filled with very active and concerned mothers. Our Safer Chemicals Moms have come together out of their concern about the role that toxic chemicals play in harming their families’ health. They’ve come to Capitol Hill to stand up for #RealReform, they blog, they organize in their communities, and so much more.

For all the mothers who help to lead this movement, we know what they really want this year for Mother’s Day. They want #RealReform.

#RealReform Is…

  • Legislation that is up to the important task of protecting public health and the environment.
  • Practical limits on toxic chemicals in products.
  • Legislation that will protect pregnant women and children, and other vulnerable populations
  • Reform that would allow states to protect their citizens.

We don’t have #RealReform yet but with your help we could get there!

Help us today and spread our message!
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