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Our Top 5 Wins of 2017

Together with our partners and supporters in 2017, we helped secure several landmark environmental health victories and set the stage for even more in 2018!

Top Tips for Avoiding toxic flame retardants

Uncovering Toxic Chemicals Hiding in Children’s Products

Using the latest science, we helped expand the state’s groundbreaking chemical reporting law for children’s products so that consumers and policymakers have better information on chemicals in toys and other products for kids.



Protecting Families From Toxic Drinking Water

Thousands of Washingtonians face drinking water that is unsafe due to high levels of toxic nonstick chemicals. To protect families from these extremely persistent and toxic chemicals, we convinced Washington state to move forward with drinking water standards for these chemicals.


shopping cart toxci-free

Protecting Consumers From Harmful Chemicals

In partnership with the Mind the Store Campaign, our top-notch advocacy and organizing helped convince Costco to adopt a chemical policy, evaluate the chemicals in the products it sells, and consider restrictions on their use. Less harmful chemicals in products means less harmful products in our homes and bodies!

 width=Investigating Toxic Flame Retardants in TVs

Our latest study uncovered high levels of toxic flame retardants in TVs, and helped convince the nation’s top consumer watchdog agency, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, to ban certain flame retardants in TVs and other consumer products.



Making Food Safer for Kids and Families

Our coalition’s advocacy helped introduce the Healthy Food Packaging bill in the Washington State Legislature. This bill will ban cancer-causing nonstick chemicals in food packaging,including microwave popcorn bags and fast food wrapping. Although the bill didn’t pass in 2017, it is primed to move forward in 2018.


This work is only possible with the help of our amazing partners and supporters. Thank you! We are looking forward to 2018 and another landmark year working in partnership with organizations and individuals across the country to protect our kids, our communities, and our environment from harmful chemicals.