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Trying to keep your stuff healthy? Help is here.

Searchable database at HealthyStuff.orgLooking for the least toxic crib? Car? Lipstick? Check out the new searchable online database at This handy shopping guide can help you make less toxic, more informed choices on children’s products, toys, pet products, apparel and accessories, and cars. The guide allows you to look up products by manufacturer, brand, or product type.

“ is an invaluable resource for busy parents who are concerned about toxic chemicals in children’s products,” said Mom’s Rising President Joan Blades. “But it shouldn’t be up to parents to look up every single item to find out if toxic chemicals are used. We need reform of the Toxic Substances Control Act now.”

The HealthyStuff guide comes from the Ecology Center, a nonprofit based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Center researchers used an XRF analyzer to detect the presence of toxic chemicals including lead, cadmium, mercury, bromine, chlorine (PVC) and arsenic in every day products.

“A Made in the USA label should be a guarantee, not a warning,” said Charlotte Brody, national field director for Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families. “This database of products is further proof that our system of testing and regulating toxic chemicals is broken. We have an opportunity to reform federal law this year and start putting common sense limits on harmful chemicals to protect the health of Americans.”