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U.S. deaths from methylene chloride

US deaths from methylene chloride

At least 64 people have died from acute exposure to methylene chloride since 1980

This map shows the location of fatalities linked to methylene chloride exposure in the United States since 1980. To view the description of the circumstances surrounding the deaths, click on a city and state below. Names and ages of victims are provided as available. This tally likely underestimates the number of people killed since fatalities may not have been reported or the death may have been mistakenly attributed to a cause other than methylene chloride exposure. Exposure to methylene chloride also leads to serious health concerns including cancer, nervous system effects, and liver, reproductive, and kidney toxicity.

Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families. March 2018

Other known deaths* for which records don’t state a geographic location:**

  • In 2016: a 48-year-old male died from asphyxiation after exposure to DCM fumes from the product he used to seal shower tiles in a bathroom
  • In 2015: a 56-year-old male worker died after unintentional acute inhalation and ingestion of methylene chloride
  • In 2013: an 80-year-old male consumer died after unintentional acute inhalation of methylene chloride
  • In 2007: a 45-year-old male died from asphyxiation after inhaling methylene chloride fumes from a paint remover in a bathroom renovation
  • In 2002: a 64-year-old male fell into a tank of paint remover containing methylene chloride at work and died of cardiac arrest and respiratory toxicity

* There are likely many more deaths from methylene chloride that we don’t know about since this information isn’t collected in any central database.

**Sources: 2017 CPSC staff memorandum, PDF page 582015 and 2013 Annual Reports of the American Association of Poison Control Centers

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