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Victory! Toxic Flame Retardant Ban Passes Legislature

Editor’s Note: The following is a post by Laurie Valeriano, Executive Director, Washington Toxics Coalition.

I have great news!

The bill to ban toxic flame retardants in kids’ products and home furniture is on its way to the Governor’s desk! WE DID IT!!

After years of working to pass this ban on some of the worst toxic flame retardants, we are excited, proud, and very thankful for all of your support. Parents, consumers, firefighters, and kids can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing some of the worst toxic flame retardants will not be used in furniture and children’s products.

The Toxic-Free Kids and Families Act bans 5 of the worst flame retardants in kids’ products and furniture, including the first ban ever on TBBPA – a flame retardant that can be found in children’s car seats. It also establishes a process for addressing another 6 harmful flame retardants in consumer products.

This could not have happened without the support of many. Thank you to everyone who contacted their legislators, made a donation, or cheered us on. We couldn’t do this work without any of you.

Now, on to Governor Inslee’s desk!