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Walmart Expands Chemical Policy

Washington, DC – The world’s largest retailer, Walmart, unveiled its sustainable chemicals policy “Implementation Guide” today. The Guide details how the company will work with suppliers to bring safer products to millions of American shoppers. Walmart’s program is guided by the list of chemicals that Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families published last April as part of the Mind the Store campaign. The campaign asks the top ten retailers to a phase-out the “Hazardous 100+” chemicals in the products they sell.

Mike Schade, campaign director of Mind the Store said:

“This is a significant expansion of Walmart’s policy that will have major impacts on moving the market away from toxic chemicals. For the first time, it targets a much broader list of chemicals that authorities around the world say is harmful to human health. The retailer will require suppliers to actually disclose toxics on product labels. In leveraging its market power, Walmart’s action will reverberate across global chemical supply chains in ways that will ultimately protect the consumer. Today’s announcement should be a call to action to other big box retailers, grocery stores, and drug store chains. We call on other leading retailers to join Walmart and mind the store by getting tough on toxic chemicals.”