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We’re Giving Toxic Chemcials The Boot!

We’re teaming up with the Toxic Hot Seat team again to protect firefighters and our future! As you may know, toxic flame retardant chemicals were forced out of infant pajamas because of their toxicity, but are still used in over 85% of the couches in our homes. This is unacceptable!

We’re giving toxic chemicals-not just flame retardants the boot, and you can too!

All you have to do is “Join the Thunderclap”  and you can help us spread the safer chemicals message far and wide.


So many people aren’t aware of our issue and this is a great opportunity to reach beyond our community. We need 250 supporters for the Thunderclap to reach its maximum potential. Will you help us?

It’s time we insist that chemical companies prove their chemicals are safe for our families and firefighters before they are used.