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Without Science We Lose

boy with science flasks

It’s no accident that our new tagline “Science – Advocacy – Results” puts science first. Science is the cornerstone of everything we do at Toxic-Free Future. So I am very concerned about recent attacks on science by those who want to undermine protections for our health and environment.

I have witnessed the power of science in our work. Despite extremely well- funded chemical industry PR campaigns, Toxic-Free Future’s scientific research has uncovered the truth about the harmful chemicals the chemical companies want us to believe are safe.

Without Toxic-Free Future’s scientific research, we couldn’t have won many of our victories. For example, our study that showed toxic flame retardants are in the air we breathe helped convinced policymakers to pass the Toxic-Free Kids and Families Act.

This is why we cannot stand by while science is under attack by those who want to profit at the expense of our health and environment. We cannot let them win. I’m proud to be marching in the Seattle Science March this Saturday, April 22nd. It’s our chance to stand up for science and against those who want to use toxic chemicals willy nilly without concern for health or safety. Please join us! Click here for more information and to join us.

I’m also excited to announce a new Science for a Toxic-Free Future Campaign with a goal of raising $165,000 from individual donors to support our science program to make bold and lasting change. You’ll be hearing more about this throughout the year, and to learn more contact Outreach Director Ellie Humphries ([email protected]) with questions and check out our science work here.

I hope to see you Saturday and thank you for supporting Toxic-Free Future.

Executive Director