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From rail cars to The Home Depot

The Home Depot and PVC

The number one use of PVC is in building materials50, i, and The Home Depot is the largest home improvement retailer in the U.S. and world.51

At the end of the line, plastic resins from the OxyVinyls and Orbia North American PVC factories that receive vinyl chloride by rail are undoubtedly found in products such as luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring sold at major building retailers like The Home Depot.

Vinyl chloride rail cars at OxyVinyls’ Pedricktown, NJ plant. Credit: Google maps.

OxyVinyls and Orbia’s PVC resins from Pedricktown are made into building materials by corporations like AHF, which sells Armstrong brand flooring through The Home Depot.52-54, j As of late 2023, The Home Depot online catalog listed more than 50 styles of Armstrong vinyl flooring made in the U.S., under the brand names “Excelon Imperial”55 and “Bruce.”56

As the largest home improvement chain in the U.S. and world, The Home Depot has a responsibility to protect communities, consumers, workers, wildlife, and the environment from pollution resulting from the manufacturing, transportation, use, and disposal of PVC by phasing it out of building materials and packaging and selling safer options. By tackling PVC, The Home Depot would make significant progress implementing its safer Chemical Strategy57, realize its climate goals, and help mitigate growing business risks associated with selling hazardous chemicals and plastics in products and packaging.

i According to the Vinyl Institute, which represents the largest producers of vinyl chloride and PVC in the U.S., “Approximately 70 percent of PVC is used in building and construction applications.“ Source:

j OxyVinyls has provided PVC resins to Armstrong flooring manufacturing plants for decades, and to the Lancaster, PA factory in particular since the 1970s. See  See also

Armstrong’s vinyl flooring manufacturing plants were acquired by AHF in 2022 when Armstrong went into bankruptcy. AHF maintained the Armstrong Flooring brand and continues to sell vinyl flooring under that name. Court filings from the bankruptcy proceedings, dated September 2022, show that Armstrong’s agreements with OxyVinyls and Orbia and with The Home Depot were acquired by AHF.  See