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Calling All Action Captains!

We have an exciting few months ahead of us at Toxic-Free Future. There are a number of campaigns around the corner, including protecting our kids and Puget Sound from toxic chemicals in consumer products, and calling on chemical makers to clean up communities polluted with nonstick PFAS chemicals. But to achieve these goals, we need YOUR help.

Action Captains are our environmental health champions. They are people just like you, who agree to do one or more of the following:

  • Meet with their legislator(s) and urge support for legislation to support the health of our kids and the environment.
  • Rally their friends and family to take action. During legislative session, this means forwarding emails to friends and family urging them to send an email to their legislators. Easy peasy!
  • Host an at-home screening of a documentary exploring the issue of toxic chemical pollution by a powerful corporation, and having the viewers sign a petition urging for action.

Will you sign up today to be an Action Captain? Fill out this simple form and I’ll be in touch with more details.

Earlier this year, we became the first state in the nation to ban PFAS chemicals from use in firefighting foam and food packaging. These victories were possible only because of people like you, who help raise awareness of the issue and participate in advocacy. Please help us keep up the momentum into 2019!



Questions? Contact our Campaign Organizer, Carina Wells, at [email protected] or 206-632-1545 ext 112.