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Celebrating our anniversary!

It was exactly four years ago today that the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families coalition launched, with a declaration of independence from toxic chemicals. Now, when we take a moment to reflect on how far we’ve come in the pursuit of a world with less toxic chemicals, it’s amazing to see all that we’ve accomplished together.

The Top Five Milestones (in no particular order):

  1. Our coalition has grown to include over 450 organizations and business who are committed to seeing stronger laws on toxic chemicals enacted;
  2. Collectively our coalition reaches over 13 million members – in all 50 states;
  3. We’ve organized events all across the country –- from stroller brigades in North Carolina, prayer vigils in Arkansas, to toy testing events in Michigan, we have a shared goal of getting tough on toxic chemicals;
  4. We’re a big deal online too! Thanks to the 43,000 Facebook fans out there and 8,500 followers on Twitter who help spread our message further every day!
  5. This spring, we launched a new campaign, Mind the Store to work with retailers to get tough on toxic chemicals with more to come!

We’ve done all of this because of you. And the next five milestones will because of you as well (and maybe a few new friends?) — it is our hope that our movement continues to grow and build upon our momentum towards passing toxics reform.

From the whole team behind your emails, events, lobby days, field organizing, blogging and everything we do here at Safer Chemicals, we hope you have a great and safe holiday!

Cheers to four on the Fourth!

-Andy, Lindsay, Liz, Tony and Amanda

P.S. We would never want to send you an email without an opportunity to educate yourself! Check out this great, newly released Parents’ Guide for Safer Children’s Products and share it with a new parent today!