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In just a week, major momentum is built for safer chemicals

In just a matter of a week there have been significant advances on our quest to kick toxic chemicals to the curb.

  1. Since the federal government isn’t Minding the Store, we’re asking the top ten retailers to get tough on toxic chemicals. Kicked off with an exclusive in USA Today, our coalition launched Mind the Store, a campaign to work with the nation’s leading retailers to help move the marketplace away from the Hazardous 100+ toxic chemicals. Send a letter to your retailers asking them to be a leader on protecting our health. 
  2. In response, bloggers from across the country went to their local retailers and spoke with store managers about Mind the Store and why it’s important for the retailers to get involved. Here’s a great round up of some of the blogs and videos. 
  3. Senators Lautenberg and Gillibrand (along with 27 co-sponsors) introduce the Safe Chemicals Act (S. 696), a bill that would drastically increase the
    safety of chemicals used in our homes, products and communities. Write your Senators today!
  4. Think those chemicals have been tested? Think again. The New York Times writes a column on the United States’ absurd and weak laws on toxic chemicals.
  5. Jennifer Beals

  6. Actress, mother & advocate Jennifer Beals came to Washington to urge Congress to move the Safe Chemicals Act. A smart and passionate mother, Jennifer spent two days on the hill with Safer Chemicals staff.

    Beals said, “We look to our government to provide our basic rights of clean air and water and yet right in front of us, in things we may be exposed to everyday, like our couches, cleaning fluids, toys, makeup or synthetic playing fields lie toxic chemicals that have for the most part gone untested in their effect on human health.”

  7. The American Academy of Pediatrics endorses the Safe Chemicals Act. President-Elect James Perrin, MD, FAAP, said, “Pediatricians commend Senators Lautenberg and Gillibrand for introducing the Safe Chemicals Act of 2013, which puts children’s health first and foremost by making needed improvements to current law.”  
  8. The New York Times editorial board wrote a supportive editorial for the Safe Chemicals Act, building on the strong public support for strong laws on toxic chemicals.

With all this momentum, we are asking you to get involved and tell your friends!

Here are three things you can do today:

  • Email your Senators and let them know you expect them to support the Safe Chemicals Act
  • Send a letter to your retailers telling them to help us move the marketplace away from toxic chemicals