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New York state poised to make history

It was in the halls of the Minnesota legislature where I learned that passing laws on toxic chemicals in children’s products seems like it should be easy, but isn’t.

The chemical industry fights state legislators tooth and nail as they try to pass protective policies, pulling all of the dirty tricks out of their play books. The good news is public health leaders are standing up to the chemical industry in New York state.

The New York state legislature has been considering important legislation, the Child Safe Products Act,  that would protect New York families from toxic chemicals.

Status of the Child Safe Products Act:
  • The Senate needs to vote on the Child Safe Products Act by this Thursday.
  • The NY Senate Environmental Conservation Committee voted (without a single no vote) to advance the Child Safe Products Act.
  • The chemical industry is doing all they can to stall this bill.
  • Despite their efforts, already 40 Senators have sponsored this great bill; Republicans, Democrats and members of the Independent Democratic Conference alike.
  • That’s well over the 32 votes needed to pass the Child Safe Products Act.
  • The Assembly has already done its part for the third year in a row and voted with overwhelming margins to support this bill.

Now it’s up to the New York Senate!

You can help in a few key ways. First, if you live in New York state, send a message to your legislators letting them know you support the Child Safe Products Act.

Not in New York and on Twitter? Retweet this below to help show national support for this important issue!

SCHF tweet for NY

While the New York legislature has been making progress on this important issue, Congress has been tossing around less than ideal proposals for reforming our broken federal law, the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). Because of this it is more important than ever that states take a leadership role in passing the next generation of chemical policies.

In the meantime, new peer-reviewed research underscores that chemicals we’re exposed to from our everyday consumer products are linked to alarming health trends including: early puberty, cancer, hormone-disruption, harming the developing brain and more.

The timing of this vote couldn’t be more important or urgent.