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Non-toxic pest control

It’s that time of year. Fruit flies, mosquitoes and other summer-time pests seem to take over our yards.

When I went to home for the fourth of July, I provided a tasty feast for northern Wisconsin’s mosquitoes. When I returned back to D.C. my kitchen is slowing being taken over by fruit flies. And on my way to work I saw someone spraying their lawn with pesticides.

So when I started looking for solutions, I turned to our amazing blogger network for some easy non-toxic tips for insect and pest

Stop the fruit-fly madness

Stephanie from Good Girl Gone Green has a simple, non-toxic and effective recipe to get rid of fruit flies before they take over your kitchen. Here is another technique from the blog Greening of Westford.

Non-toxic bug repellant

Most conventional insect repellants contain deet, a harmful pesticide. Try out Jenny’s natural essential oil recipe for keeping mosquitoes away. I’ve tried this recipe; it only takes a minute to make!

Use plants to deter mosquitoes

Lori from Groovy Green Livin has suggestions for using plants to deter mosquitoes. Have you tried this yet?

Pesticide free lawns

It’s tempting to want to compete with your neighbor for the greenest lawn possible, but if the pesticides used on your lawn could harm your children or the environment is it worth it? Learn from Beyond Pesticides on how to maintain your lawn without the use of pesticides.

Take action against toxic chemicals!

What are your favorite non-toxic pest control tips?