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Resolve to Fight Harder and Keep Washington State Healthy!

Today I’m a mix of emotions. The news out of DC is scary. I’m very concerned about the Trump Administration and what it means for our health and environment.

But I’m also resolved to fight even harder to protect our health in Washington state. I know that Toxic-Free Future’s work to pass stronger toxics policies at the state level is even more critical now with Trump in charge in DC.

Over the next four years, we need our state leaders to safeguard our health and environment because it’s clear we can’t count on DC. We need them to continue supporting strong policies on harmful toxic chemicals. And of course we need you to help hold them accountable!

Toxic-Free Future is up to the challenge. We’ve already hit the ground running in Olympia. We’re supporting two bills that will protect families from harmful toxic chemicals in electronic products and food.

The Electronics Safe Products Act: Come Clean on the Screens

Kids are spending more and more time in front of electronic products like video games, tablets, and televisions, whether parents like it or not. Even though our kids are exposed to these products nearly everyday, we know very little about the chemicals in these items. A loophole in Washington’s kids’ products right-to-know law lets electronic product makers off the hook when it comes to reporting the chemicals in their products. Estimates put the amount of toxic flame retardants used in electronics each year at between 50 and 100 millions pounds. We also know these products can contain other chemicals like lead, phthalates, and cadmium.

It’s time to expand the law to require makers of electronic products to reveal chemicals used in electronics. It’s time these companies come clean on the screens!

Healthy Food Packaging: Time to Stick It to Non-Stick Chemicals

Do you eat microwave popcorn or french fries from a fast food restaurant? If yes, you could also be eating PFAS chemicals or perfluorinated compounds. These chemicals are used as non-stick coatings in food packaging and are the same industrial chemicals used to repel water and stains in carpeting, furniture, and clothing.

Scientists are sounding the alarm on these chemicals and have linked them to a variety of health effects, including cancer and hormone disruption. They have no business being in our food! We’re excited to be supporting a bill to ban these chemicals in food packaging.

So even though the news out of the other Washington isn’t great, we hope you’re as excited as we are at the great opportunities to protect our health here in this Washington!