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Our toxic chemical law turns 37 today

Today, October 11th, is the official 37th “birthday” for our toxic chemical law the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).

The last time our primary law on toxic chemicals was update was 1976 and as you can image, we’ve learned a thing or two about the ways in which chemicals behave in our bodies and the environment.

A little refresher of what was happening in 1976:

  • The ink jet printer was invented
  • Apple computer was formed
  • Rocky won the Oscar for best film
  • Happy Days was the #1 sitcom in America
  • Gerald Ford was President
  • The #1 billboard song was “Let’s do it again” by The Staple Singers
  • Our primary law regulating toxic chemicals, TSCA, was signed into law

What we’ve learned about chemicals and our health since then:

  • Toxic chemicals are ubiquitous in our homes, products, workplaces and communities
  • Contrary to popular belief, some chemicals, are more harmful at lower doses
  • Certain synthetic chemicals can mimic hormones, causing hormone-disruption
  • Chemicals leach from the products we use, building materials and into our bodies including pregnant women
  • We often have multiple exposures to a chemical from different products throughout the day
  • Leading medical groups have come out in favor of reforming our antiquated chemical laws
  • Our federal laws on toxic chemicals don’t protect public health from toxic chemicals

The decades worth of scientific research on chemicals and environmental health should inspire Congress and retailers to take serious action on toxic chemicals.

Join the fight by telling Congress we want strong laws on toxic chemicals.