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How Everyday Products Are Polluting Puget Sound A Study by WTC and People for Puget Sound It is well known that toxic chemicals pose a major threat to the health of Puget Sound. For many chemicals, however, how they are getting from the products in our homes to the waters, sediments, and wildlife of the […]
A Research Project by WTC Study completed in collaboration with the Commonweal Biomonitoring Resource Center and the Toxic-Free Legacy Coalition. New tests by the Washington Toxics Coalition reveal that children spend their first nine months in an environment that exposes them to known toxic chemicals. Washington Toxics Coalition tested nine pregnant women, from Washington, Oregon, […]
Rubber duck
To learn if PVC toys contain other hidden dangers, we sent 20 PVC toys to an accredited laboratory to test for the plasticizers known as phthalates.
Summary of Results Pollution in People: A Study of Toxic Chemicals in Washingtonians In 2005, ten Washington residents agreed to testing of their hair, blood, and urine for the presence of toxic chemicals as part of an investigative study by the Toxic-Free Legacy Coalition.  The Coalition wanted to know which chemicals were getting into our […]