The fourth annual Who’s Minding the Store? report card evaluated forty-three retailers for their actions on toxic chemicals. Retailers receiving the highest grades include Apple (A+), Target (A), Walmart (A), and Ikea (A-). Fourteen retailers earned F grades in the 2019 retailer report card “Toxic Hall of Shame” including Starbucks and Nordstrom.¹

Starbucks is still failing to adopt a public chemical policy for food packaging and food-contact materials. While the company has committed to recycling and composting, it needs to ensure materials being used are free of toxic chemicals such as PFAS or BPA, which can get into the food or into compost and recycling systems.

Meanwhile, Nordstrom still does not have a public written safer chemicals policy despite the fact that about one quarter of globally-produced chemical compounds are used in the textile-finishing industry.

In Washington State, we’re proud to be leading the nation with some of the strongest laws regulating toxic chemicals. It’s reasonable to expect that the companies based here in our state likewise put the health of customers first, making sure that their products and packaging do not contain harmful chemicals.

Starbucks and Nordstrom are very large companies, raking in billions in revenue each year. There is no doubt that these companies have the ability to ensure that their products and packaging are safe and free of toxic chemicals like PFAS.

If we all come together, we can hold these corporations accountable and get them to put customers’ health above the profits of the chemical industry. Join us in sending a message to these companies today!

Read more about the 2019 report card here.

1. The retailers that earned Fs are: 99 Cents Only, Ace Hardware, McDonald’s, Metro, Nordstrom, Publix, Restaurant Brands International, Sally Beauty, Sobeys, Starbucks, Subway, TJX, Ulta and Yum! Brands.