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Calling Congress seems old school, but it works

Picking up the phone to call your Senators is still one of the most effective ways to break through Congressional gridlock and we need your help today!

We’re hosting a National Day of Action and we’re saying no to phony reform of our toxic chemical laws!

We’ve been working for years, building a national coalition and movement to push Congress to pass real, strong, and meaningful laws on toxic chemicals. Just last month we had hundreds of parents from across the country in a Stroller Brigade to send a clear message:

When Congress reforms our toxic chemical laws, it must protect pregnant women, children and heavily-polluted communities.

Today’s Day of Action is a way to build on that momentum and let Congress know that this issue isn’t happening inside a Washington D.C. bubble. People like you and I are paying attention and demand real reform.

It only takes a minute – call your Senators NOW!

We have an easy system where we directly connect you to your Senators. (<–Click here to be connected)

Or if you’re reading this on your phone, simply call the capitol switchboard at 1-888-907-6886:


Sample message:

“Hi my name is _______ and I am a (insert something like mom, dad, aunt, nurse, community leader, doctor etc). I am very concerned about toxic chemicals in consumer products, the places we live and work, and their impact on my family’s health.

I’m calling Senator ___________ to ask him/her to make sure that reform of our toxic chemical laws is REAL. The bill before the Senate, the Chemical Safety Improvement Act – as drafted – does not have my support.

Reform must protect pregnant women, children and hot spot communities. I urge Senator _____ to stand up for REAL reform of our toxic chemical laws.

Quick tips & considerations:

  • Your Senator won’t personally pick up the phone (phew!)
  • A friendly staff person will answer the phone. They answer constituent calls all day long, and are there to write down your position on a bill or issue.
  • Be friendly and to the point. They are busy and will want to know what your calling about.
  • Personalize the sample call script above, this is about why YOU care about this issue. We all have different reasons we want to take action on toxic chemicals.
  • Let us know in the comments below how the calls went and if you got any important information.
  • Share this Day of Action with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and via email!
  • Thousands are calling from across the country. Our partner organizations from Florida, North Carolina, Montana to Alaska are activating their networks to make calls to Congress. Join the fun!

Have fun and let us know how it goes!