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Ten reasons to watch the Toxies: Exposed

Note from Lindsay: Our partners have created “The Toxies,” funny and creative videos to tell the story about how chemicals are affecting our lives. Please take a moment to watch and share these videos, they are amazing!

10) Because it’s been over 37 years since we’ve seen some toxic chemical reform. There are over 85,000 chemicals on the market — and most have not been tested for safety. Using our national chemical law, the 1976 Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), the EPA tried to restrict asbestos 20 years ago and failed. It hasn’t tried since.

9) Because you probably have these unwanted chemicals in your body. 93% of people tested have BPA in their body. Endocrine disrupting chemicals like BPA can affect your absorption of insulin and fat, throwing off your metabolism, and can also affect children’s development at early ages.

8) Because your couch shouldn’t lower your IQ. Flame retardant chemicals can be toxic to your brain, endocrine and reproductive systems and have detrimental effects on your thyroid and liver function. Flame retardants are found in everything from couches to electronics.

7) Because lighting faucet water on fire is a great trick but the water may hurt your health. Fracking Chemical Cocktail can include a mix of more than 600 chemicals — some known to be toxic, like benzene — that are injected underground along with millions of gallons of water. Many of the chemicals used in the fracking process are linked to cancer and reproductive issues as well as being harmful to the environment.

6) Because housing shouldn’t lower children’s ability to learn. Lead has a profound ability to damage children’s intellectual and behavioral development, and even though banned in paint during the 70s, leaded paint is still the leading cause of childhood lead poisoning. Lead is also still found in jewelry and children’s toys.

5) Because eating a tuna fish sandwich shouldn’t be dangerous to pregnant women. Mercury builds up, or bioaccumulates, in fish and other animals – it gets passed up the food chain and eventually into our bodies. Mercury puts about 60,000 children born each year at risk for harmful and potentially permanent neurodevelopmental effects.

4) Because straightening your hair shouldn’t lead to cancer. Chemicals such as formaldehyde, known to cause cancer and other respiratory issues, as well as sodium hydroxide, which can lead to fibroids, are found in some of our most favorite hair straighteners like the brazilian blowout and some lye relaxers.

Toxies: Exposed
3) Because where else can you find videos of your favorite toxic chemicals?!
We have videos, a trivia game, fact sheets, and other resources to illuminate the world of toxic chemicals and spark conversations to many audiences and age levels.

2) Because picking strawberries shouldn’t cause cancer. Soil fumigant pesticides like chloropicrin are used in crops like strawberries, peppers, onions, tobacco and tomatoes. Fumigants are known to drift off fields and are linked to many health issues, including cancer and respiratory damage.

1) Because the more we expose the Toxies, the more we can make sure dangerous chemicals will be relics of the past! Strong policies and regulations that restrict these toxics and promote safer alternatives are the only way to make sure all of our families are toxic-free, no matter where they live, how much they make or what they look like.

And don’t stop at just watching the Toxies: Exposed! Make sure to follow the Toxies on Facebook at and on Twitter @thetoxies to keep learning about these everyday toxic hazards and how we can get rid of them, and make a safer, healthier world together.

Get moving today by making a call to Congress, and tell your Senator we need to fix and strengthen S.1009 (The Chemical Safety Improvement Act) so that it protects our health – (202) 224-3121. Learn more at