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Toxic-Free Future expands for a healthier tomorrow!

I am excited to share the news that Toxic-Free Future is growing! 

As a national leader advancing bold solutions, we now have two national programs with years of proven success—Safer Chemicals Healthy Families and Mind the Store

Building on your support, we joined forces to achieve our shared mission: to protect your health and the health of our planet from harmful chemicals and pollution. Our combined strengths, innovative approaches, and successful track records can now propel us forward to achieve even bigger wins. 

It’s a very dynamic time here at Toxic-Free Future and we’re thrilled to partner with you! Big change comes from advancing solutions at all levels of government and directly with companies—powered by our science, advocacy, and YOU! 

  •     Safer Chemicals Healthy Families advocates in Congress and holds federal agencies like EPA accountable for stronger protections, which are woefully inadequate on dangerous chemicals.  
  •     Mind the Store challenges the United States’ largest retailers to keep toxics off store shelves and has created significant demand for safe products from Walmart to Whole Foods. 

Together, we are advancing bold policies at the state and national level and demanding companies make and sell safe products that don’t leave a toxic trail of pollution from production to use to disposal. We can reverse the trends of contaminating people, food, wildlife, and drinking water by prioritizing prevention. 

Toxic-Free Future and its supporters have worked for decades to make Washington state a leader in adopting precedent-setting policies to accomplish these goals. And now we will step up this work, along with our federal and marketplace efforts, because the challenges before us demand that bigger solutions are adopted at a faster pace.

With our strong science, advocacy, and decades of campaign expertise, we are stronger together and we will increase our impact across the nation!

Our work on PFAS in food packaging is a great example of how we do this. With your support, we won a groundbreaking law in Washington state to ban PFAS in food packaging, and then we followed up with testing and reports like Packaged in Pollution to compel corporations to end their use. Our work received extensive national coverage from CNN to Consumer Reports, dozens of local TV news stations across the country, and was even mentioned on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. All of this helped galvanize even greater public demand, resulting in 18 companies, representing over 77,000 stores in 100 countries, committing to phase out PFAS in food packaging! Numerous states have taken action and now we are pressing Congress and the FDA to act. 

There are even more big things on the horizon for us. In 2022, we’ll debut a new website that reflects our combined organization and our solutions to tackling the toxic chemical crisis. And we will debut new research that will demonstrate even more urgency for action on PFAS and the systemic changes that are critically needed. We will continue our work investigating and advocating for the prevention of toxic pollution from the manufacture, use, and disposal of plastics and everyday products—which are harmful to our health, food, water, climate, and wildlife.

It is my honor for Safer Chemicals Healthy Families and Mind the Store to be part of the Toxic-Free Future family. For the last 25 years, I’ve witnessed first-hand the incredible impact we’ve had advancing the solutions that protect your health and the planet. As we expand our work, I know that even bigger victories are now within our reach, and it is my pleasure to be working alongside our amazing team of experts to help get us there. 

Thank you so much for powering this work with your campaign actions and donations!

Toxic-Free Future is leading the charge for a healthier tomorrow, and we can’t do it without you!