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Twitter chat for Day of Action gets “trendy”

As it turns out, our issue of taking action on toxic chemicals is pretty trendy.

In last night’s “twitter chat” (where people and organizations engage in a Question/Answer conversation about a particular topic), we talked about how important your calls to Congress are, how many calls it actually takes to get on a hill office’s radar and where our Day of Action fits into the broader toxic chemical movement.

In fact, we were “trending” making it the second time this year that our topic has gone trendy.

For those of you not on twitter, “trending” is a term used for the most talked about conversations on twitter at any given moment. Things that “trend” are usually related to celebrity tweets and TV shows. So to have toxic chemicals in the mix is a sign that we’re now going mainstream.

Thanks to our partners at Moms Rising for hosting the weekly chat and for the many individuals, organizations and bloggers that participated.

Here is a summary of some of the best tweets from last night’s party.

Take a minute to scroll through, read the conversation, and feel free to click on the links we shared to read more.