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Watch moms talk to their local retailers!

As a college student it’s safe to say I spend a lot of time on YouTube. But it was a new experience for me to watch moms and bloggers from across the country post videos about their involvement in the Mind the Store campaign. We wanted to share some of the highlights so you could see how easy it is to ask your favorite retailers to Mind the Store.

Take a moment to watch some of these clever and fun videos!

This catchy video is one of many ways Sommer took action on the Mind the Store campaign. She calls on the retailers to be super heroes — in our mind she is a superhero for her enthusiasm and dedication to this campaign!

Proactive mom, Katy from Non-Toxic Kids, takes action at her local Home Depot in Vermont asking the top retailer to “mind the store”! Below is the “before” video of Katy and her two children who are hoping to speak with the manager, and will deliver the letter from Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families. The letter discusses the 100+ hazardous chemicals that are used in various products.

Katy directly after her successful meeting with the Home Depot store manager. Great job, Katy!

Do you shop at Target? Shane from Environmental Booty talks to her local Target store in Florida about the Mind the Store campaign. She also points out the positive steps Target has already taken on the way to producing safer products. Watch here:

Lori shines through the rain in Massachusetts where she reports from her local Walgreen’s store. Watch her video and check out her blog at Groovy Green Livin:

Mother of two, Becki, from Organic Aspirations, is with her excited children who will together deliver the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families letter to their local Best Buy. Becki is on a mission to speak with the Best Buy manager and share her concerns about the 100+ hazardous chemicals. Way to go, Becki!

Harriet from ClimateMama made this short video just before visiting her local CVS store. During her visit, she learned about some of CVS’ sustainable initiatives and got positive response from the assistant manager. You can read about her experience here.

Anna, a blogger and green building guru, delivered a letter to Lowes. After building an eco-friendly house in 2005, she learned how many harmful chemicals existed in building products.