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What it takes to #MindtheStore

Last year we launched our Mind the Store campaign to call on the nation’s top ten retailers to show leadership and get tough on toxic chemicals.
What is the Mind the Store Campaign?
We’re challenging the country’s biggest retailers to restrict the Hazardous 100+ chemicals and consumers rejoiced around the United States!
Does that sound interesting to you?
Look, we’re sick of having to research products day in and day out. As you may know, it gets frustrating.
Not to mention, many products don’t even list their chemical ingredients.
And many of these toxic products are created for children.
Our nation’s top retailers have the power to tell their manufacturers and suppliers to clean up their supply chains.
It’s time for the nation’s top ten retailers to phase out the most toxic chemicals from their stores’ products.
This year we are turning up the heat and we’d like you to help us.
These chemicals are virtually unregulated and are linked to cancer, asthma, learning disabilities and many other health problems.
Toxic chemicals are not just harming us — they’re affecting our environment too.
Endocrine disrupting chemicals found in lakes and rivers are mutating aquatic life.
Join us and ask our nation’s top retailers to get tough on toxic products.
Together we can shift the marketplace towards safer, less-toxic products.